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…Digg loves the top ten list?

Here’s the top ten list of the top ten lists that have been featured on Digg since the site’s creation:

  1. Reasons geeks make good fathers
  2. Coolest things seen with Google Earth
  3. Strangest computer setups
  4. Gore effects in games
  5. Tips to keep that new computer spyware free
  6. Geek wallets
  7. Coolest laptop cases
  8. Video game weapons
  9. Video game villains
  10. Commands any Linux user should know

This list not only gives you a great idea of the type of stories that get featured on Digg, it also gives you a great idea of the type of people who are doing the Digging. Want to see if the top ten heirarchy changes in the near future? Just subscribe to the RSS feed.

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