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…Dodge wants you to go on a quest?

Dodge Quest

Dodge Quest is an RPG that puts you in charge of a man named Coronet as you try and make him happy.

    One day, Coronet, a clerk at the tool shop, makes the decision to propose to Lucy, a daughter at the flower shop. As he arrives at the flower shop, he finds that his rival enemy has made the ultimate move before him…

    Not knowing how to reject the proposal, Lucy blabbers out “I’m only interested in guys that drive a DODGE”.

    As gullible as he may be, Coronet believes her words, and goes on many missions in pursuit of the DODGE.

    Upon attaining the DODGE, will he also find happiness…?

The rules are simple:

  • The game requires players to complete one mission a day and earn money.
  • There is no raise in levels, but purely a matter of gaining money.
  • After completing one mission, the hero must sleep for 8 hours in real time.
  • After 8 hours, the game can be continued, and a new mission will begin.

The music is fantastically 8-bit, the graphics are the same, and the story seems compelling, so I think that Dodge might have a winner on their hands with this one.

Are you ready to help Coronet save the day?

[Dodge Quest]

[Via: The FWA]

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