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…Drop Spots is an urban treasure hunt?

Drop Spots

Drop Spots is like Geocaching, but without the technology. It “a kind of alternative mailbox”, “a hiding place in a public space, where people can leave things for exchange”. Whatever it is, it looks like a load of fun. You start by looking at the Drop Spots map to find a Drop Spot in your area. Nothing near you? Start your own. It’s easy to do and is sure to open your eyes to the hidden features of your usual surroundings. Once you locate someone else’s spot, you take a mystery gift from that location and leave something it its place. The fun part is that each spot is only marked with a general location and a visual description, so it’s like an urban treasure hunt (sadly, without the pirates). What kind of treasures are we talking about? Though probably not anything of substantial financial value (poem, photograph, mix CD, old toy, etc.), the hunt is the real treasure. You’ll see your world in a whole new way, and everyone loves a little treasure hunt. Plus, it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to loose. Weird and wonderful.

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[Via: The Red Ferret Journal]

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