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…Elections aren’t popular?

With today being Election Day (insert obligatory don’t forget to vote comment), there’s sure to be a bombardment of information regarding everything related to voting floating around the web. One of the more interesting takes on Election Day that I found is on the Freakonomics Blog. According to many economists, voting is an irrational action; one that exacts a cost but rarely gives a payoff. Voter turnout continues to fall, and the debate continues to rage about how to increase it. Some ideas include paying people to vote (lotto vote stubs), making voting mandatory, and eliminating the pre-election poll. Those all sound fine and dandy, but I think the real way to increase voter turnout would be to get candidates that the voters actually care about, instead of the current run of vanilla flavored clones. Sadly, these elections will probably be no different, and a few people will vote to elect a few puppets to keep this great nation running. All I’m asking for is a little Rocky Road.

[Freakonomics Blog – Election Day]

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