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…Fish should be everywhere in your bathroom?

Fish n' Flush

Fish Basin

Make your bathroom an undersea adventure with the Fish n’ Flush toilet aquarium and the Aquarium Basin, a fishtank sink. The Fish n’ Flush is a two-piece toilet tank with a transparent fish holding outer tank surrounding the flushing inner tank. It includes a 12-volt filter system (‘cause they may live in a toilet, but you still need to clean their mess), plastic foliage, the fill valve, flush valve, flushing system, LED lighting, and a built-in feeder door. Just add fish, water, and gravel and you’ll be pooping with the fishes in no time. After using the turn signal on the white porcelain bus, make a stop at the Aquarium Basin where you can wash your hands in a sink filled with fish. Though I don’t think washing your hands in a fish sink would be too strange, I would find it hard to spit in this thing after brushing my teeth. I can just imagine the poor fish hiding in the corner of the tank every time someone comes to wash their hands. Now if only they would invent a fishtank tub so I could bathe with the fishes and a fishtank bed so I could sleep with the fishes, I could finally fulfill my dream of being completely surrounded by little Nemos every waking moment of every day spent at home.

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