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…Ford will remove all gas caps post 2008?

Ford Capless Fuel Filler

Ford will roll out their Capless Fuel Filler beginning in 2008. Self described as “a tangible example of how Ford is developing innovative product solutions to satisfy the unmet needs of consumers”, they made no mention of the other unmet consumer need; for American cars that don’t break down after the drive home from the dealership. First used on the Ford GT, it eliminates the problem of forgetting to put the gas cap back on after fueling, and it saves those precious few moments lost while you unscrew the fuel filler cap. So basically they’re adding a feature designed for the extremely lazy to be even lazier. Come on, was it really that hard to remember to take the cap on and off? On the plus and non-lazy side, it does help the environment by preventing gas fumes from escaping; which makes me wonder how much gas fumes escape using the current gas cap technology. Apparently enough for a replacement, and for that I salute you Ford, keeping America pollution free, one gas cap at a time.

[Via: Leftlane News]