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…Freakonomics is revised and better than ever?


Freakonomics brought the sexy back to Economics, and the world is a better place for it. Now, they’ve published a revised edition of their famous book, updating their facts and figures to better match these modern times we live in (only a year and a half after the original release), as well as adding 90 pages of new material. With an economist’s eye towards the world, they dissect everything from the drop in violent crime rates and the organizational structure of drug-dealing gangs to baby-naming patterns, making it both interesting and easily understandable. By drawing connections that most have not yet considered (linking the legalization of abortion to a reduced crime rater two decades later), Freakonomics solves many of the apparent mysteries of everyday life is a clear and concise manner. Definitely a must read if you’ve got any sort of desire to understand the world around you in a slightly different light.


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