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…Free Rider likes lines?

Free Rider takes the Line Rider formula, adds a motorcycle, goals, and track sharing, and the results are actually pretty entertaining. There’s even a forum to share the tracks you make. Here’s a track just for you, the readers:

    -1i,1i,1i,1i 1i,1i,40,v 40,v,4p,t 4p,t,7d,1 7d,2,b8,-1e bn,-7,bn,1a bn,-6,ch,-5 cm,u,c9,1a c9,1a,bo,19 d3,-1k,d3,19 ch,-5,co,a dd,-7,dd,1a de,-5,e5,-4 co,a,cm,u e5,1a,dd,1a fi,-25,ln,-21 e5,-4,ee,f el,-5,el,1a el,-3,fh,19 fh,19,fg,-3 fg,-3,gr,-3 ee,f,ed,11 ed,11,e5,1a g6,-2,g7,15 fk,-m,fk,-9 h2,-1c,i6,-7 io,-1a,i6,-a i6,-a,i7,v jh,-19,ip,-n ip,-n,ip,a km,-u,k7,-1d k7,-1d,ji,-19 ip,a,jd,10 jd,10,kd,10 lo,-22,qu,-7 kp,0,km,-u ks,-19,ku,i kd,10,kp,0 ku,i,le,r le,r,m3,s mk,c,mi,-1d m3,s,mk,c nq,-j,ns,1k nt,l,p2,10 p2,-3,p4,1t ph,b,pi,24 pi,19,q8,1j ph,c,qn,u pi,24,qp,2v qu,2t,ri,12 ri,12,s0,2t r7,22,rq,2a sf,1e,sa,39 sg,1i,ta,23 ta,23,t4,2u t4,2u,sd,2t sd,2t,td,3v tm,31,to,2k to,2k,un,3h un,3h,u3,3s u3,3s,u2,4f v0,3q,129,4a 165,6h,u7,6p 129,4a,16e,3d 18p,4n,165,6f 1a4,1m,18p,4n #d0,-2e u1,5q

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