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…Glacier surfing looks cool?

Though I’m reminded of the Quicksilver Dynamite Surfing viral, this one’s real, and these guys are actually riding waves made by falling glaciers.

Garrett McNamara and Kealii Mamala, who normally tow-in surf the shores of Hawaii, waited for hours in the very cold waters of Copper River, near the Child’s Glacier in South-Central Alaska, for ice to fall and send up to 25 foot waves their way. Then, chasing after the wave on their jet ski, they would try to avoid the ice and rock debris that came along with each wave to catch rides up to one minute long.

Is this the future of Winter X-Games?

As Garrett put it: “I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone. I won’t be going back. This is not a new sport”.

[Via: Spluch]