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…Good and Evil battle it out in foosball land?

Good Vs Evil Table

Eleven Forty, the undisputed foosball table king, is making a limited edition Opus table called Good Versus Evil for the 20Ltd company.

Good Vs Evil Close Up

Normal Opus tables are hand-crafted (each one takes 400 hours to make), and feature an etched glass playing surface (which is lit from below), three different types of balls for different speeds of play (they really have thought of everything), stainless steel legs and scoreboards, and your choice of woods, including oak, ash, walnut and mahogany (rich mahogany). Their patented Doppelganger technology allows them to micro-cast 3-D heads onto your characters using photos so that you can play as yourself and destroy characterized versions of your friends and family.

Good Vs Evil Roster

If you’d rather play with higher stakes, the Good Vs Evil table puts you in command of some of the most famous and infamous characters to ever grace this planet. You can goal score with God, lob with Lucifer, and catch with Claus. There are only ever going to be 20 of these beauties created though, so if you want one, you better hurry, because I can’t think of a better way to spend 14,500 pounds.

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