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…Google is taking over your desktop?

Google Desktop

Google is bringing its magic to the Mac with the Google Desktop, a Googleplication that indexes the contents of your hard drive (applications, files, PDFs, web information, etc) and makes it searchable in a Googley way. With Google Desktop, you can perform fast and easy searches, and launch applications and files with just a few keystrokes.

Desktop Screenshot

“But,” you say, “my Mac already does all that”.

Thankfully, TUAW took on this common question, and gave the app a thorough run through. The result was a solid 7.5/10, saying, “if you use Google’s full suite of products, Google Desktop is the desktop search for you. The integration with Gmail and is killer”. Though it didn’t perform flawlessly (Gmail searching didn’t work), it is a beta release (thought it’s technically version 1.0), so expect the kinks to be ironed out shortly. Googletastic.

[Google Desktop]

[Via: TUAW]