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…Hamann is making a black miracle?

Hamann Black Miracle

    Dear supercar tuners,

    From now on, please paint all of your cars matte black. Not only will this make it easier to tell that your cars are not run of the mill supercars, it will make the world a more automotively beautiful place. Feel free to add colored accents when appropriate, but keep it simple, and keep it sexy. Just remember, a super supercar deserves a super paintjob.


Hamann’s Black Miracle Ferrari F430 proves once again that matte makes supercars sinister. Using some sort of magical foil treatment, the matte can even be easily removed by the owner if he/she so desires, though I’m not sure why anyone would, as the matte is simply stunning.

Originally intended to reduce glare on racecars, matte black is synonymous with performance, style, and rat rodding.

Hamann Black Miracle 2

Accents can be had in either red, yellow, or orange, and highlight the racing stripes and individual aero additions (front spoiler, rocker panel wings, diffuser, and rear wing), as well as the rearview mirrors, the brake calipers, and the Hamann ‘Edition Race’ wheels.

Besides the standard Hamann ‘Lamborghini door’ treatment, this miracle receives a 50-horsepower boost thanks to a reprogrammed ECU, an upgraded exhaust, and Hamann suspension.

    P.S. Can I test drive one? Please?


[Via: Autoblog]