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…Harmonicas sound better when they have six sides?

Six-Sided Harmonica

If you put the guy who can play the 42-string guitar together with anyone that can master this six-sided harmonica, you would have yourself one hell of a two-man band. Made by the renowned Hohner instrument company which was founded in Germany in 1857, this harmonica has the largest tonal range available in any Hohner tremolo model. From the website:

    “Tremolo harmonicas employ two reeds per note, and each harmonica on this instrument has 24 double holes for a total of 48 reeds per harmonica that produce a warm vibrato characteristic of the world-famous Hohner sound. Each harmonica is tuned to a different key: C, D, F, G, A and B flat, and each comb (the central air chamber component) is made of maple for a rich, full tone. The harmonica can be played in its unified wheel-mount form, or dismantled for individual play”.

At $300, it’s probably out of the reach of the standard hobo harmonica player, but if you’ve got a passion for the instrument, this is what your dreams are made of.

[Six-Sided Harmonica]

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