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…Hartley Enterprises has created a Hayabusa monster?

Hartley Engine

The Suzuki Hayabusa has a hell-raiser of an engine. The 1299 cc inline 4 puts out 175 horsepower, and spins to a screamingly fast 10,000 RPM. Hartley Enterprises figured that if four was good, eight must be great, so they took two Hayabusa engines, mated them together, and created the monster that you see here.

Displacing only 2.8 liters, this V8 weighs in at just 200 pounds, and puts out a Goliath like 400 horsepower (at 10,000 RPM) from its David like size. $30,000 gets you one of your very own, though I’d twin turbocharge it just to say you did. Fast has been redefined.

(As a point of reference, here’s what a single turbocharged (350 horsepower) ‘busa engine does in the Mk1 VW Golf from H.R. Engineering):

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