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…HD-DVD beats Blu-ray in the battle of the boobies?


Despite its superior technology, I think that Blu-ray will ultimately loose out to HD-DVD in the format war. Why? No, it’s not because Sony has a great knack for killing it’s own proprietary format (think MiniDisc and Betamax), though that is a good reason all on its own. The real reason HD-DVD is going to come out on top is because the porn industry favors it. That’s right. Porn. It’s been the decisive factor for the last two formats (VHS and DVD), and I think it’s going to retain its title as the device decider for this format as well. Yeah, Blu-ray has the PS3, but Sony made the bold move to say no to Porn, and in the end, you just can’t say no to porn if you want to get in the living rooms and bedrooms of homes across America.

[Via: Make You Go Hmm]