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…Humans make good pets?

The Human Pet is an interactive, fictional horror story played out via YouTube. The following is a description of the project from the CodeMaster:

    My name is unimportant. I am an artist. I will never be caught, but what I have done here will live forever.

    For several days now I have been uploading videos of my human pet. His name is Eric. He is being held against his will. That is all you need to know about him for now.

    Eric would very much like to leave his prison cell and go home to his family, but that is not up to me. It is up to you. You will decide whether Eric gets to see his family again. You will decide whether Eric lives or dies.

    If the police or any other authorities are ever tipped about the location of this cell, Eric will die. If my identity is ever revealed or compromised, Eric will die.

    This is MY masterpiece, and you will play by MY rules.


    p.s. – art is a mystery to be unraveled

To give you a feel for what this game is all about, here is the first video:

It looks to be a pretty well thought out alternate reality game. You must discover and decipher clues hidden in the videos in order to save the captive human pet’s life. Hurry though, he looks pretty scared.

[YouTube – TheHumanPet]

[Wikipedia – Alternate Reality Game]

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