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…Justin Gignac collected garbage from the last opening days?

Justin Gignac is at it again, and this time he’s collected the garbage from Shea and Yankee Stadium’s last opening days for a limited edition set of Garbage Cubes. Each one is one of a kind, and features fresh picked garbage from the respective locations. Get yours now before they’re all gone; because memories come […]

…Justin Gignac is selling his wants?

New York trash extraordinaire Justin Gignac is at it again, and this time he’s got some wants that he’s looking to get. Called Wants For Sale, it’s a series of paintings that he and his girlfriend have painted of the things that that he and his girlfriend have wanted, and they’re all being sold for […]

…Trash is art?

Apparently, Justin Gignac isn’t the only one who thinks that garbage can be art. Christopher Goodwin, a 37-year-old dump truck driver from Washington D.C., collects trash and puts it into one-inch plastic balls that he calls Trashballs. He then fills two vending machines with these Trashballs, and for a quarter, anyone can get a piece […]

…Garbage is art?

You might think that trash is trash, but artist Justin Gignac doesn’t think so. “The 26-year-old spends his nights scouring the city’s streets for the perfect trash, then carefully arranges his finds in clear plastic cubes that transformed into pieces of art, signed, numbered and dated”. His cubes normally focus on prominent New York City […]

…Wants For Sale wants more stuff?

If you wanted one of the first wants, but didn’t get a chance to buy, then check out Wants For Sale again, because they want new stuff now. Once again, the cheap wants have been fulfilled, but there are still a few pieces left if you want a bit of art in exchange for a […]