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…Vanilla Ice will get his own Nikes?

The third shoe in the Nike SB Fallen Heroes pack is the Vanilla Ice (AKA Robert Matthew Van Winkle) Blazer, a simple design with subtle references to his “To The Extreme” album cover art. Plus, they steal beats from other shoes, then deny it publicly till they’re forced to revamp their career on a bad […]

…Milli Vanilli will get their own Nikes?

These Milli Vanilli Nike SB Dunk Lows are part of the Fallen Heroes pack that included the Pee Wee Hermans, and feature rope like laces that pay tribute to the hair of the infamous lip-syncing pop group. [Via: Kix-Files] [Via: Kix And The City]

…Pee Wee Herman will get his own Nikes?

Nike grew a sense of humor and created the “Pee Wee Herman” Dunk Highs. Though not directly attributed to the famous actor, the colors closely resemble his famous (infamous) grey suit and red bow tie. The insole also shows a Pee Wee like caricature sitting alone in a movie theatre row, an obvious reference to […]