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…MacHeist is back?

MacHeist is back, and it’s (supposedly) better than ever. If you enjoyed the Hubert hunting, dollar saving, developer screwing experience of the last MacHeist, then definitely check out this year’s version, as I’m sure it’ll be much of the same. The source of the controversy following last year’s event was the fact that it raked […]

…MacHeist dreams in colour?

MacHeist is back, so if you’re in the mood for some free Mac software, it’s time to crack the code once again. [MacHeist]

…MacHeist is over and the bundle is a steal?

The heists are over, and MacHeist has started to sell the bundle, an amazing collection of award-winning applications, for a ridiculously low $49 (over 80% off the normal price). As an added bonus, when you buy the bundle, 25% of your purchase is donated to a charity of your choice. Already, the value of the […]

…There has been a MacHeist?

MacHeist is My Dream App creator Phill Ryu’s newest pet project, and once again, it looks to be both an innovative and entertaining adventure for the Apple community. Though details are scarce (there’s only an e-mail sign up on the page currently), the blogosphere has, as always, pulled through with some “inside/secret” information about what’s […]

…TheMacPac is coming?

Mark Howson, the man behind MacAppADay, has put together a bundle of Mac programs that he is calling TheMacPac, and starting May 1st, buyers are supposedly going to get quite a deal on the unnamed software. The bundle includes a combination of 10 games and applications, and will sell for $30 initially, which will rise […]