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…MacSanta has software discounts?

If MacHeist didn’t quench your thirst for cheap Mac software, maybe you should take a peak into MacSanta’s bag and see what programs are being offering at a very generous 20% discount. With developers like Rogue Amoeba, Bare Bones, Potion Factory, Unsanity, Twisted Melon, and many more hocking their wares, you’re sure to find at […]

…The second heist is now live?

The second heist is currently underway at MacHeist, and it’s a challenging one. Head on over and get in on a piece of the action, because Hubert would want you to. [MacHeist]

…No one knows who Hubert is?

Warning: Hubert is part of a game created by Phill Ryu to promote MacHeist, a new Mac application site. The goal of the game is to follow Hubert around through various Apple related websites, with the eventual goal of finding all of the Huberts (there are 12) and receiving a free application. If you enjoy […]