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…iPod Touch has secrets?

iPod Touch

One lucky iPod Touch owner turned on his new device to discover some sort of diagnostic program running instead of the main screen.

While normally this would be a somewhat frustrating inconvenience, as he would have to take it back to Apple to get a new one; in this case, it’s providing some interesting details about the insides of the new Apple.

First, there’s the X’ed out Bluetooth icon, which hints at a software disabled feature, since there isn’t supposed to be Bluetooth support in the new Touch.

Second, there’s the Cereal Serial number, which uses a clever play on words icon that’s probably made for Apple’s eyes only. Considering their concern over their own brand name, I wonder if they asked General Mills for permission before creating this little beauty.

If you’d like to see for yourself, be sure to check the shelves of eBay, because I’m sure he’ll be eager to tap into the interest of intrigued Apple fanboys, who tend to have larger than normal wallets for quirky Apple-phernalia like this.

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[Via: Engadget]