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…iScorch is a lighter for your concert going iPod?


If you just can’t seem to geekify your concert experience enough, or you want a way to let everyone around you know that you just bought a new iPod Video, and the white ear buds aren’t doing it for you, then you need the iScorch. The iScorch is a video of a flame from a lighter. That’s right, an iVideo, of an iFlame, on an iPod. Lame. If you don’t have a video, there’s even a picture of a flame for your Nano or Photo. Double lame. From the website: “Gone are the days of burnt fingers! (Grow some coordination people) Strained thumbs are banished to the land of wind and ghosts! Save the fuel in those lighters for the more important task of killing yourself by smoking! (Now that’s a true statement) The next concert you go to, you’ll be paying homage to the band not with a lighter but with iScorch and iPod.” If that doesn’t make you want to use it, nothing will. My only question is why do you have an iPod at a concert in the first place. Take your ear buds out for a few minutes and actually converse with people around you for once in your life. If that doesn’t sound appealing though, abandon all hope and download the iScorch today.


[Via: Uber-Review]