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…It’s Movie Monday: Mr. Woodcock?

Mr. WoodcockIf you’re thinking of going to see Mr. Woodcock, don’t.

Let me save you the trouble: Rent Just Friends instead.

Just Friends has basically the same plot line, so you’re not missing much there, only Just Friends manages to be funny, while Mr. Woodcock manages to put you to sleep.


You would think that a film with Billy Bob Thornton would manage at least a few laughs, but you’d be wrong. Seann William Scott (better known as Stifler) doesn’t do much better, and together, there about as funny as a kick to the balls; which, ironically, is mostly what this film is about.

Amy Poehler at least manages a few laughs, but they’re all contained in the trailer as well, so if you’ve seen that, then you just saved yourself 90 minutes.

If fact, if the movie was little more like the trailer, and a little less like how it actually turned out, then it probably would have been worth seeing. Instead, the laugh out loud comedy that the trailer portrays is replaced by a film that can’t decide if it wants to be funny or serious (or good), so it tries to be all three, and fails miserably at each of them.

With not much acting, not much story line, and not much of anything that makes you feel like it was worth the price of admission, Mr. Woodcock manages to disappoint like few movies can.

Grade: D-
Theater Worthy: Not a chance
Rent Worthy: Sadly, no.

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