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…It’s Movie Monday: Superbad?

Superbad PosterThe rumors are true: Superbad is one of the funniest movies ever.

That’s right; ever.

It does take a certain type of humor though, since most of the jokes are four letters long, and involve the anatomy, but for a laugh-out-loud comedy with some semblance of a plot, Superbad can’t be beat. Think Wedding Crashers, only they’re still in high school, and they’ve added an extra character for extra laughs. (Plus, it’s got as many, if not more quotables than WC, which is a tall task indeed.)

Besides being funny though, it’s also a great look back at the awkwardness of growing up (and trying to get laid). There are plenty of touching moments, and at times, you find yourself thinking, ‘yeah, it kinda was like that, wasn’t it’? (Which is rare for a movie that tries to portray high school life so realistically.)

The only less than stellar part of the movie is when they try to make it a little too mushy, but I guess they’ve got to have a bit of a plotline thrown in there somewhere, and it’s only about five minutes long, so I guess I’ll cut them some slack.

If you loved Knocked Up, in all its ‘tell it like it is’ glory, then put Superbad on your list of movies to see, because I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

Grade: A
Theater Worthy: Definitely Yes


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