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…It’s TGI Friday: MillionCount

Million Count

Harper is a man on a mission.

His goal: To count to One Million.


To raise money for Push America, a program designed to serve people with disabilities.

Though the idea is good, and the cause is great, I’m sure you’ll still find yourself, like I did, watching just to see if he’ll accidentally skip one.

Along with a live webcam of the count, Harper is posting to a blog where he will document his thoughts, his sanity, and his weight. In addition to seeing how much weight he can loose during the estimated three months that this quest is going to take, Harper has also vowed not to shave until he is done, so he should be a “woolybooger” by the time he says “nine hundred and ninty-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine, one million”.

Good luck Harper, you’ll need it.


[Via: Neatorama]