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…It’s TGI Friday: Optical Illusion?

Optical Illusion

You didn’t think that I’d leave you without a TGI Friday post for this week now, did you? Well, things got a little busy around here today, so I’m pretty late with this one, but I’m posting it with the idea that it’s better late than never. Because of the time crunch though, I’m going with something simple, but it’s still something that I find to be quite an interesting concept. This optical illusion relies on nothing more than your brain’s inability to correctly process the image. Just by staring at this pic, you should notice that your monitor appears to be moving and swaying in and out right before your very own eyes. So what’s happening?

“Your mind is trying to convert a 2D object into something that could be interpreted as representing a 3D object.

To do so we use visual clues, in this case, the shading around the circles. But wait. The shading makes no sense. It is completely incongruous. Our eyes lock onto a part of the illusion that looks appropriately shaded but then find it disjointed with the shading in other nearby areas. Our eyes keep jumping around the drawing trying to map out a 3D solution that would make the shading illustration make sense, but it never works”.

Moving Dot Illusion

Cool, huh?

[First Image Via: One Digital Life]

[Explanation And Second Image Via: Optical Illusions]