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…It’s TGI Friday: Rescue: The Beagles?

Rescue: The Beagles

Rescue: The Beagles is a quirky little indie platformer game that was created for (and won) the TIGSource Procedural Generation competition.

Rescue: The Beagles Screenshot

Your goal is to hop between three randomly generated levels in order to save hurt and wandering beagles from various villains:

Rescue: The Beagles Villains

The back-story is as follows:

A cargo airplane crashed somewhere above the wast areas of the Amita range. It was carrying a large shipment of beagles headed to the CutLab, a huge animal testing facility.

The Lab is upset about losing its precious testing material and is deploying a biohazard division determined to reclaim its property. They operate under the strict orders: seize the usable specimens, kill the rest.

We’re sending three of our elite animal rights activists to rescue as many dogs as possible before the Lab’s grunts confine them back to the life of endless misery.

It’s a free game, and has already received very positive reviews, so head on over and give it a play.

[Rescue: The Beagles]