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…It’s Things Thursday: Get Stuffed?

Get Stuffed

Have trouble letting go? Can’t figure out what to do with that new scalpel set you just bought? Freakishly interested in freakish projects? Then why not try a little creative taxidermy on your dearly departed pet with Get Stuffed, a book of 24 projects for the bereaved pet owner. Though I consider myself creative, it’s hard to top this book’s description, so I’m just going to give it to you in full:

    When Fido leaves this mortal coil for the big farm in the sky, when Fluffy doesn’t wake from her afternoon nap, when a beloved gerbil takes his last run on the exercise wheel, the grieving humans are left behind to mourn. If your pets are a much-loved part of the family and you want to keep them with you, Get Stuffed offers you an even better choice than simple taxidermy. By turning your pet into a useful household object, he remains as beautiful-and valuable-as he was in life.

With projects like a doggie TV-remote caddy, a kitty foot-warmer, and gerbil wind chimes, you’re sure to find at least one way to put your friend-to-the-end to good use. Why waste?