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…It’s Things Thursday: Paintball Panzer?

Paintball Panzer

No, that’s not a really large man in a tank.

Yes, that’s a really small tank with a man in it.

Called the Paintball Panzer, it’s made by Funtrak Limited, and features:

  • Genuine one-person tracked vehicle (That’s right, “Tank Tracks”)
  • Fully integrated “Fire-While-Driving” paintball/laser gun
  • Can be driven on UK roads
  • Choice of many authentic (and some frankly bizarre) colours
  • Additional custom mods available
  • 8 week lead time (Built to order)

If paintballing is your thing, then I guess you can find a way of justifying the $14,400.

[Funtrak Limited – Paintball Panzer]

[Via: Born Rich]

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