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…It’s Things Thursday: Planet Earth?

Planet Earth

Planet Earth is the best nature/wildlife series on the planet. No joke. This 11-parter, done as a partnership between the BBC and the Discovery Channel, is filled so many unimaginable images, startling behaviors, and high-definition eye candy, that you’ll finally be able to justify that HDTV purchase.

Thankfully, the entire series is now available on DVD (and Blu-Ray, and HD-DVD), and there’s an accompanying book to go along with it. If you missed a few parts, it’s time to catch up. If you missed the entire series, it’s your loss, because you’ll never again have the chance to say ‘wow’ so many times in a single hour. Want more? How about:

  • $25 million budget
  • Five years in production
  • 2,000 days in the field
  • 40 cameramen
  • 200 locations

Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, do, because everyone else already has.

[Planet Earth]