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…It’s Things Thursday: POM Tea?


POM Tea from the POM Wonderful company is today’s thing, not because of its great taste (which it has), but because of the company’s great idea to package the stuff in a reusable glass. Who came up with that idea (and more importantly, why does it work so well)? It’s like an advertisement that never leaves your kitchen, and is perfectly targeted to POM Tea drinkers. POM demands a premium for their teas, justifies the price by putting each drink in a fancy container, and then most buyers fall into the trap and will inevitably keep the glass and reuse it, thus looking at the POM logo over and over again until it’s firmly ingrained in their mind. Genius. It’s not that I don’t like the tea (I do), it’s just that I’m amazed by the price that they can charge for a 12oz glass of tea. So what do they put in this highly desirable drink? Well, POM is all-natural, and “made from the finest hand-picked, whole-leaf tea” that’s “gently brewed for a delicious taste with less caffeine”. Then, they add a secret ingredient called POMx, “a highly concentrated, incredibly powerful blend of all-natural polyphenol antioxidants that come form the very same fresh California pomegranates [they] use to make [their] POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice”. Sounds good, huh? Well, it is good, which I’m not disputing, I just wonder for how much longer they can continue to charge people for a POM branded glass with a little bit of tea thrown in to justify the purchase.

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