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…It’s Tuner Tuesday – Edo Competition?

Maserati MC12 XX

Supercar tuners are few and far between, though I’m guessing it’s mostly due to the price of admission, rather than the lack of desire. When looking at the cars made by manufacturers such as Ferrari and Maserati, there are some who are content with just leaving well enough alone, believing that, with a car this expensive, no expense has been spared. Then, there are those like Edo Competition, who believe that you can never have too much of a good thing. Edo Competition, upset by the fact that Ferrari had the FXX while Maserati had nothing, tuned and tinkered with their own MC12, giving it an additional 170 horses (to tie the FXX’s 800 hp rating), and ending up with the oh so creatively named MC12 XX. Additions include all new engine bits and pieces, adjustable exhaust, ceramic brakes, adjustable suspension, wheels and tires, tire monitoring system, and 100 kg of diet along the way. In addition to the car modifications, Edo Competition is also throwing in one day of track testing with an instructor, knowing that you are probably going to try and do everything possible to rip the car in half form the moment you step into the driver’s seat. As a final point of customization, they’ll even paint it whatever color you choose, though I’d suggest staying away from the trick or treat scheme that they went with for their demo car.

[Edo Competition – Maserati MC12 XX]

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