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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: La Bala?

Graber Bullet

When it comes to building track terrors, less is more. Less weight, lest cost, and less complications mean more fun, more fast, and more driving. Steve Graber, the man behind the newly formed Graber Car company, took that formula, and applied it to his “inexpensive, lightweight, original design tube-frame car with original body design”, called “La Bala”, better known (in English) as “The Bullet”.

The Bullet Frame

Steve wanted to show what “an average guy in an average garage” could build, and the car of his dreams became a reality with “a little ingenuity, very little money, and a lot of effort” (and an understanding wife).

The end result is a 1,500-pound, 170 turbocharged horsepower track toy that gets to 60 in just 4.3 seconds.

La Bala Detail

Want one of your own? No problem. For just $25,000, Steve will make you a bullet kit (minus engine/transmission) to play around with. Just make sure you’re extra nice to the gift giver in your life, because you don’t want to miss out on the most amazing “average” car that money can buy.

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