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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Phoenix International Sport Automobiles?


On its own, the Pontiac Fiero gets no respect, but thanks to its mid engine design and somewhat simple (and Ferrari like) styling, the Fiero has always served as the perfect blank canvas for the tuner looking to modify, create, and most importantly, copy. Phoenix International Sport Automobiles (PISA) is a prime example of this copy culture, giving their customers the ability to “build a custom, exotic car for a reasonable price”.


Kits include the Artero, a Lamborghini influenced design that features “aggressive air scoops, vents and grills”, and the Jalapeño, an off road design that features a lifted suspension and heavily modified and Jeep influenced body panels. If you’re going to drive a Fiero, you might as well give PISA a call, because nothing demands respect like a fiberglass Ferrari.

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