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…It’s Website Wednesday: Flickr Panda?

Flickr Panda

Flickr’s “Explore” is Flirkr’s front page, “an introductory collection of ever-changing photos to show people the kinds of things inside the site”.

However, Explore can only highlight about 500 images per day, and since there are five thousand new images uploaded to Flickr every minute, plenty of high quality images never make it onto Explore.

To help highlight some of the other images that Flickr users have submitted, Flickr created the Flickr: Panda, a rainbow vomiting panda that spews photos from its mouth at a rate of about one every two seconds, or 43,000+ photos per day.

It might not be the front page, but how often can you say that your photo was spit up by a rainbow spewing panda bear?

[Flickr – Panda]

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