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…It’s Website Wednesday: Howtoons?


When you can use 2 plastic bottles, 3 rubber bands, 2 paper clips, chopsticks, a stiff ruler, scissors, and a pair of needle nose pliers to make a Soda Bottle Submarine, then you’ve got something special going on.

Called Howtoons, it’s like an illustrated, kid friendly version of MAKE (that’s also great for kid-at-hearts). With guides to making your own Rola-Bola, Springloaded Chopsticks, a Zoetrope and more, there’s plenty to do; and it’s all done in cartoony goodness so you have stuff to look at while your paint dries.

If you’re a DIYer, then definitely check out Howtoons, because nothing says ‘Hey, I can do that’ like an animated character with a glue gun.