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…It’s Website Wednesday: I’m In Like With You?

I’m In Like With You

I’m in like with I’m In Like With You, a new Web2.0 twist on the social networking/dating site. The people behind IILWY were kind enough to send me a beta invite, so I spent some time on the site to get an idea of what IILWY is all about.

In their own words, I’m In Like With You is “a competition, a chase, a game – where you make up the rules of attraction, and you choose the winner”. It’s a new approach to flirting online, played out both on the web and on your phone, and helps you meet people that you might like, and who also might like you back.

After signing up, filling out your profile, and adding a picture, IILWY gives you a bunch of ‘points’ to start with. After your initial gift, you can then earn additional points by adding to your profile, uploading photos and videos, answering questions, starting games, and visiting the site each day.

The main focus of IILWY is the games. A game is “a short competition where the competitors submit their profiles and bid a certain number of points to get the game host’s attention”. They’re usually short questions for the competitor to answer (that usually encourage interesting responses), or simple actions that the host will do for the winner (get your mind out of the gutter, they’re clean things like painting a picture).

Competitors bid to show the host that they are in like with them, and as competitors continue to outbid each other, the host of the game has the option of ‘winking’ at any bidders that they are particularly interested in and would like to encourage. Once the game is over, the host can then contact any of the top five bidders by email, sms, or phone, and all contact is done through the site so that private info (your phone number and email address) is kept private.

After playing around for a while, I am thoroughly impressed with what I saw. The design is simple and functional, the games are interesting and unique, and the idea is creative and effective.

A huge positive is the interactivity. Boxes pop in and out, announcements are made, points are accumulated, and everything has a Facebook like simplicity to it. Neat details like map based locations, panable photos, menu bars, and cell phone integration give you the feeling that the designers are thinking outside of the box, but even with the advanced features, everything still works in an intuitive manner.

One potential negative is that each action has its own sound, so after a while you feel like you’re stuck in a video arcade, but at the same time, it does give the site some charm, so I’ll call it even (plus you can disable the sounds if they really start to get to you).

Some of the functions do take some time to get used to, and navigation can feel a bit circular at first, but it is a beta release, so there is still plenty of time for improvement.

I definitely think that sites like this are going to be the Internet’s new direction, and users are going to start demaning interaction on a more personal level (while still controlling their privacy).

I have two beta invites to give away, so if you want one, submit a comment to this post with a reason why you ‘like’, and I’ll give them to the first two.

[I’m In Like With You]