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…It’s Website Wednesday: Kiva?


Kiva (Swahili for “agreement” or “unity”) is all about change. The non-profit site lets you loan money to entrepreneurs in the developing world, and potentially turn someone’s life around. By sponsoring a business, you are helping some of the world’s poorest people get a chance at economic independence. During the length of your loan, (usually 6-12 months), you will receive email journal updates for your sponsored business, and as the loan is repaid, you get your initial money back, which you can then withdraw or re-loan.

The Loan Cycle

The idea behind the program is that a lot of small donations from a lot of people adds up quickly, so even if you can only donate a small amount, you are still contributing to the over $5 Million that has been collected so far. Every day the world gets a little bit smaller.