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…It’s Website Wednesday: Revision3?


Revision3 is “the first media company that gets it”. Instead of being an aggregator of other people’s videos, Revision3 is “an actual TV network for the web, creating, producing its own original entertainment and content”. The content is gritty, edgy, highly-targeted, and in-depth, covering technology, comedy, music, cooking and more, and featuring personalities that are well known and bring with them years of experience. Popular shows include Diggnation and Ctrl-Alt-Chicken, and each month Revision3 receives over 1.5 million downloads. What’s interesting is that they have a philosophy of neutral distribution of their content. From iTunes to BitTorrent, QuickTime to Flash, you can get your content from Revision3 when, where and how you want it. So check it out, and be on the forefront of a TV revolution.