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…It’s Website Wednesday: StumbleVideo?


I like YouTube. It’s a huge collection of videos about anything and everything that you can watch whenever and however you like. Want to see a guy fall off of a skateboard? Done. Want to see a kid impersonate a light saber fight using a broomstick? Done. Want to just sit and mindlessly watch videos while YouTube does the work for you? Nope.

See, the problem with YouTube is that you have to know what you’re looking for. Sure, they have Channels and Featured Videos, and each video comes with similar video links at the end, but it just doesn’t have the same brain drain ability that your TV has. With a TV, everything is done for you. Just turn it on, pick a channel, and relax. Not so with YouTube.

Enter: StumbleVideo. StumbleVideo is a service from the same people who brought you StumbleUpon, the web discovery tool that lets you roam the Internet and search for similar sites to the ones you’ve told it you like. StumbleVideo takes that concept and applies it to YouTube, Google Video, and MySpace videos. Just pick a topic, and away you go.

    StumbleVideo automatically finds and plays videos that match your interests. All you have to do is press Stumble! and rate the videos you watch. Stumble Video recommends great videos based on your ratings, and the ratings from other like-minded users. We’ll find the best videos on the web and play more for you that match your interests.

It’s like channel surfing the Internet, only thousands of other users are channel surfing with you, and you’re all trying to find the best content together.

Another nice feature is the player. StumbleVideo doesn’t use some crazy app or web toolbar to play videos. Instead, it works directly within your browser, presenting you with nothing more than the available channels and the current video (and other users who liked the videos you like if you want). There’s no ads or flashy backgrounds to distract you, and everything but the current video even darkens after a few seconds to give you that true television/movie theater feel.

If you’re a fan of the TV, but feel the pull of the digital revolution, get the best of both worlds with StumbleVideo. It’s what iTV should be.