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…It’s Website Wednesday: Technorati?


Technorati is the current king of the blogosphere. With over 175,000 new blogs, and 1.6 million blog posts added to the ‘sphere each day (18 updates per second), it’s a daunting task, but Technorati catalogs the 71.1 million current blogs with ease. Want to know what’s being said right now about Britney Spears, Bush, or Bananas? Done. Just do a search, and every blog post that contains the words “Britney Spears”, “Bush”, or “Bananas” will pop up instantly, allowing you to sort by type, authority, and language. Then, based on the number of posts that are being written about a certain topic, Technorati can tell you what’s popular and what’s hot right now.

You can also use Technorati to track your favorite blogs and keep up with anything that they say using Technorati Favorites. If you have a blog of your own, Technorati is a great resource, allowing you to see who’s linking to you, and how many links your blog has compared to the rest of the ‘sphere. Plus, if you just can’t figure out why something is hot, check out WTF? (Where’s the Fire?), a feature previously discussed on DYH.

If you’re a part of the ‘sphere, Technorati is an indispensable resource, and one that you should definitely be more familiar with, so sign up, add Didn’t You Hear to your favorites, and start searching the world of the blog, because you never know what you might find.


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