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…Jet engines can now be built at home?

Jet Engine

What’s cooler than building your own jet engine? If you said nothing, you’d be correct. The guys at Bad Brothers Racing and Gary’s Jet Journal have teamed up to bring you instructions for building one of the most bad-ass ways of powering any vehicle: a jet engine. Using an automotive turbo, a homemade combustion chamber, and a little down home ingenuity, you too can burn down the highway on your own jet-powered vehicle of choice. I for one would love to see a jet-powered skateboard, though it’s partly because I’m sure it would make for some great video of a guy falling flat on his face at greater than highway speeds (though I would want it to be one of those “and he walked away unharmed” type videos, otherwise I’d just feel bad for they guy, taking one for the team like that and all).

[Instructables – How To Build Your Own Jet Engine]

[Bad Brothers Racing]

[Gary’s Jet Journal]

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