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…Joe Bravo makes tortilla art?

Tortilla Art

Joe Bravo must have been hungry when he decided to become an artists, because tortillas have become his canvas of choice. Why? I’ll let Joe explain it:

    I use the Tortilla as a Canvas because it is an integral part of the Hispanic Culture and my heritage. For the subject matter of my tortilla paintings, I use imagery that is representative of Latinos, conveying their hopes, art, beliefs and history. As the tortilla has given us life, I give it new life by using it as an art medium.

Joe doesn’t just use any old tortilla though:

    The preparation of the tortilla for painting is as important as the actual painting itself. I first bake several tortillas to get the right texture, shape and coloration for the image I want to paint.

When finished, the acrylic paintings are sealed to prevent against moisture and insects (and hungry art connoisseurs), and then displayed for the world to enjoy. Tasty.

[Joe Bravo – Tortilla Art]

[Via: Neatorama]

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