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…Logitech’s new keyboard looks sexy?

diNovo Edge

Logitech has created a keyboard that they consider more a piece of art than a computer peripheral. Called the diNovo Edge, it’s laser-cut from a single piece of Plexiglass and set in a brushed aluminum frame. Only 11 mm thick, the Edge features the PerfectStroke key system that distributes typing force evenly across key surfaces, making every stroke natural and fluid (whatever that means). The TouchDisc scrolling touchpad gives you scrolling, selection and cursor control all from one location. They keys are backlit so that they light up when in use and fade into the background when not. Wires would definitely take away from the cutting edginess of such a device, so none are included and instead you are blessed with a Bluetooth connection for up to 30 feet of typing freedom. And if you’re going to drop $199 on a keyboard, you don’t exactly want to stash it away in your desk when it’s not in use, so the Edge features a charging base/vertical display stand to keep those Li-ion batteries up and running while you show off your uber cool input device. Sadly, Mac users once again get the shaft on this one, as the Apple Key is not one of Logitech’s friends.

[Logitech – diNovo Edge]

[Via: Gizmodo]