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…Logitech’s Wireless DJ gives you more control over your music?

Logitech Wireless DJ

Logitech’s new Wireless DJ pries your music away from your computer and allows you to enjoy it through out your house via your home stereo. Using its Music Anywhere software, you can stream MP3s, WMAs, iTunes, Internet radio, podcasts, and subscription audio such as Napster, Rhapsody, Musicmatch and Yahoo Music Unlimited. A small wireless transmitter plugs into your PC’s (yeah, they’ve screwed Apple owners out of this one) USB port, and you plug in a small receiver up to 300 feet away and connect it to your stereo’s auxiliary input. Setup is that easy, as there are no network settings required to get in the way of your audio bliss. The receiver also plays double duty, charging the included remote when not in use. The remote is the heart of the system. Using Extended Data Rate Bluetooth, it talks to your computer and gets song information, selects songs and can create a DJ playlist on the fly for your party popin’ needs. The remote uses an iPod like click wheel and an LCD screen for your song selecting and viewing pleasures. It looks sexy, but the $250 price tag is pretty steep for a glorified computer remote.

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