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…MacHeist is over and the bundle is a steal?


The heists are over, and MacHeist has started to sell the bundle, an amazing collection of award-winning applications, for a ridiculously low $49 (over 80% off the normal price). As an added bonus, when you buy the bundle, 25% of your purchase is donated to a charity of your choice. Already, the value of the bundle has reached $288.75, and if 10,000 bundles are sold, the value will increase to $356.74. Those who participated in all of the heists, and who purchase the bundle (provided that 10,000 of them are sold), will received a combined $608.24 worth of applications for only $39. I applaud the MacHeist crew for the amazing MacVenture they managed to put on. The heists were challenging, far reaching, and above all, fun, the apps are beyond what I think anyone expected, and the price is unbeatable. Hopefully this ushers in a new breed of interactive sales games, creative selling methods, and a growth of the independent Mac developer community as a whole. So if you like great deals, Mac software, and charity, head on over to MacHeist and buy the bundle. Hubert would want you to.


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