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…Mallet’s Pitbull is one angry pup?

Mallet Pitbull

When Mallet Cars got a hold of the new Pontiac Solstice, they cooked up a classic recipe for success (borrowed from Carroll Shelby): wedge a gigantic engine into a small car and see what happens. The result was a diminutive two seater with a monster LS7 under the hood, putting out 400 hp and roasting through a set of tires every 500 miles. Though fun, unless you own stock in Goodyear, it wasn’t exactly economical.

To solve that problem, Mallet created the Pitbull, a six-piece body kit of widening proportions. Featuring four extra inches up front and five out back, you can fit a set of 13-inch meats under the bulging body panels to keep things planted. In addition, the new front fascia and scooped hood allow the engine to breath easier with improved airflow. For the weight conscious, it’s even available in carbon fiber, saving a few extra pounds for your Pitbull diet. $16,000-18,000 will get you your very own limited edition kit installed and painted, so start saving, because this menacing Mallet won’t wait.

[Mallet Cars]

[Via: Autoblog]