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…Mario and the Princess were recently married atop a wedding cake?

Mario Cake

Like I’ve said before, anything with classic Mario in it gets a thumbs up in my book, but this really takes the cake (such a bad joke but I just had to do it). This three-layered wedding cake features multiple layers or Mario joy. The first is a recreation of the classic side scrolling world complete will hills, coins and question mark blocks, the second looks like one of Mario’s famous pipes, surrounded by turtle shells and golden blocks and topped by the classic Venus flytrap Mario eating flowers. The top layer is a giant mushroom, with Mario and the Princess perched happily atop, post nuptuals. Almost too good-looking to eat, I only wish the bride and groom dressed to match the cake. A red and blue tux with matching red plumber’s hat? That’s hot.

[Flickr – Mario Cake]

[Via: Wonderland]