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…Matching tool sets are all the rage in Milan?

Joanna Wood

Pink Toolbox

If you’re a woman and you refuse to do work because your screwdriver and your hammer don’t match your tool bag, you need to seek help. If you refuse, then check out these sets, as they might be your only reprieve. The Joanna Wood Toolbag (pictured top) and the subtly named Pink Toolbox (pictured bottom) might not work as well as normal tools, but who cares as long as they match your outfit, right? Maybe if you look really cute and walk past a construction sight, one of the guys will stop whistling long enough to help you out with whatever projects you are in the midst of. Not that I think women are incapable of doing any handy work, but come on, a Home Depot hammer gets the job done better and cheaper than these ever would.

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