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…McDonald’s Monopoly game can be exploited?

McDonald's Monopoly

The Monopoly game is back at McDonald’s, and as always, the net/blogosphere is abuzz with ways of scheming McDonald’s out of every possible cent. First, there is a list of all rare board pieces. Holding Short Line Railroad in your hot little hands? You’d better hold on to it, because you’ve just won $5,000,000. See, with a game like this, the way to make sure only a certain number of prizes are given out is to make some of the pieces common, and then only make a certain number of the “winner” pieces. There’s only one Short Line Railroad to be found, so that only one person can win the grand prize. Even for the less extravagant prizes, such as $50, Mediterranean Avenue will only appear 5,000 times through out the course of the game. If you happen to be holding on to one of these rare pieces, just ask around. Friends and family are sure to get the rest of the “common” pieces in short order, and you’ll soon be some amount richer. Secondly, there’s the old “no purchase necessary” trick. Turns out if you send McDonald’s a self addressed stamped envelope, they’ll send you back a game piece and a chance piece. The default chance piece is a $1 Best Buy Buck, and 1 in 12.4 chance pieces will be a $5 Best Buy Buck. After factoring in costs for envelopes and stamps, you’ll be saving approximately 40.36% on your next Best Buy purchase. Of course there’s restrictions on what can be bought with the Bucks, but you can always buy something else and return it for store credit to get around that little snag. Granted, it will take you approximately 2 hours to complete this mission, so only those who love finding and exploiting loopholes should choose to accept it. Some people just love a challenge.

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[Via: Digg]